Jessica is the arranger, pianist, and alto singer of the group. She also plays the mandolin and guitar. She has always loved music from moment one. "Music is my passion. It has always played such an important role in my life." she says, "Even from the time I was a little girl singing along to Winnie the Pooh or The Sound of Music."

When she's not performing or practicing her music, you will often find her just sitting and listening to music. She loves movie soundtracks and any song with beautiful harmony. She loves writing about her experiences in life, but also, because of her very active imagination, writing fictional stories is a favorite pastime for her. She also enjoys spending time with her family. "People have asked if I live at my own place or if I ever get tired of being with my family all the time and honestly, no I don't. My sisters are my best friends and I love being with them."