Natalie (soprano/violin/mandolin) started playing violin at the very young age of 9 and hasn’t looked back since. She is the violinist for The Hall Sisters and her bright soprano voice adds a level of emotion and a dynamic element to the quartet.

Natalie has a powerful story to tell…a story that is gracefully and sensitively presented in their concerts. From her personal struggles with an eating disorder to her journey towards redemption, Natalie's road to recovery is filled with courage and unconditional love. She says, “I want to encourage others that may be struggling with the same thing that there is a road to healing and a path towards restoration. This is not something that you will always have to live with and this is not something that will permanently define you…victory can indeed be found”.

She longs to live on a ranch or farm at some point in her future, but until then and when not performing with her sisters, Natalie can be found writing songs, baking with her mother, and working outside with her father on a whole host of various building projects.