As the resident cellist, Valerie’s (soprano/cello) skillful instrument playing adds a rich texture and depth to The Hall Sisters sound. Whether the mood calls for calm and solemn or for vibrant and lively, Valerie’s deftness and precision on the cello provides just the right blend and balance to the ensemble. Her warm and melodious soprano voice wows the audience whenever she takes the stage and she considers it a delight to perform with her older sisters.

Valerie started playing the cello at the age of 10 and quickly took to its unique character and the wide variety of expressions that the cello offers. That’s not a surprise as Valerie has a wide variety of interests and abilities as well. From making her own jewelry, to making her own cards and paper dresses, Valerie’s creativity knows no bounds. She is also a talented dancer, painter and enjoys spending her free time painting new canvases and developing fictional stories.

A major influence in her life is her family. “Being surrounded by music and song my entire life has been such a blessing, but an ever bigger blessing is to be able to do this with my sisters”.